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Ship Classes – and the dreaded Half Points dilemma April 11, 2018

Ok X-wing has a small amount of actually differing ship sizes, small base, large base and huge base.

For the purposes of this article I shall be referring to the small and large ships.

The current set of ships in competitive X-wing play can be further described into 2 sub categories: low and high health.

This is where we start having issues. There are large based ships which are more like small ships due to their health, and we have small based ships that behave more like large based ones due to their health (seeing a pattern??).

Two of the prominent small based ships, that are awful close to large ship territory are the K-Wing and Scurrg H-6 Bomber.

The K-wing has 5 Hull and 4 shield, while the Scurrg has 5 & 5 each. The maneuver  dial on the Scurrg aint half bad, and the K-wing has the slam action so it can quickly move about and get back into position within a turn or two, so it doesnt really need fancy sloops or what might have you.

I specifically singled them out due to the fact they are indeed a troublesome two. They are constantly in the top 5 on metawing (as a combo), so they work…very well.

In saying this we have a bunch of large ships that are probably closer to small ships than large ships, like the Aggressor, and even the firespray. The Aggressor only has 8 health (4 & 4, hull and shields respectively), the firespray has 10 (6 & 4).

Currently there seems to be a bit of debate in regards to ideas to balance the game out. One that keeps cropping up from time to time, is the half points for all ships.

Let me be fair, I actually like this one. It makes it harder for your opponent to run away from you (or visa versa), thus making games moire likely to end up in a full win for one or the other, MOV would actually become a little bit tighter too – as all small based ships would actually have an impact if they were down to half health (so less crazy MOV when say, facing an Palp’s aces list and you get half damage on everything but they wipe you completely – this doesnt show how close the game really was – half points on all ships WOULD).

There is some issues with that, bombs would become more powerful for their abilities (mainly dealing undefendable damage). Regeneration also becomes decidedly more powerful (ships that regen would be based on half points at the end of the game based on their ending health).

While this is all well and good, I think the better option would be to deal with it rather than base size, but total hitpoints. At the moment Im erring on the side of caution and going with any ship 8 or above, but that hurts ships like the y-wing and B-wing which to be fair are not the most powerful ships out there, so Im thinking probably 9 or more. This nets the mirandas and nyms and other janky shit, but makes for other ships that could have been impacted not so any more. Ships like the Aggressor would slip under, but its not the most powerful ship at the moment (still solid but far from broken).

I do think this is the best choice at present, sadly it wont happen though but we could dream 🙂

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Targets of Oppertunity – NSW X-Wing Regionals March 23, 2018

Ok, so I’ve done it I’ve put my list in for regionals:

SCUM (100)

Contracted Scout JumpMaster 5000 (25)
Trick Shot + Courier Droid
Contracted Scout JumpMaster 5000 (25)
Trick Shot
Contracted Scout JumpMaster 5000 (25)
Adaptability + Courier Droid
Contracted Scout JumpMaster 5000 (25)
A Score to Settle + Courier Droid

One less courier droid than initially wanting, but eh, cant have it all (besides I wasnt about to blow $78 on 3 phantom II’s, just for courier droid!! lol. I Had to buy Quadjumper as well for “A Score to Settle”.

Ok, so vs the main meta lists I will see:

  • Lothal Fenn w/ Zeb – the common thinking here would be to hunt Fenn, and it is, however, the main thing here is to put some damage on the Lothal first, then after I’ve passed it, hammer Fenn. Once Fenn has been popped, I can go back to lothal hunting. The other key consideration is trying to stay out of the front/aux arc of the Lothal. 5 damage at range 1 with its re-rolls will hurt.
  • Howards Aces – This is actually pretty straight forward, QD, Palp Bus and then Inquisitor. Making sure when I do hit QD, I stick at range 2 so he doesnt get his bonus defense dice. Also staying out of arc would also be a bonus so I dont get revenge shotted. Palp bus is next, then the inquisitor can be chased around. He wont like being tailed and with out emp’s to protect him, he wont be calling evade shots.
  • Asajj + whateves – Usually dengar, but can be other things. Usually one of them will have lone wolf, so use that to my advantage, all 4 ships on one, should get rid of what ever Im targetting, then kill the other one.
  • Nymranda – Have to be careful, avoid the ‘poon alpha, and come from the side, take the TLT on the chin, and just hammer them at range one, while blocking them.
  • Reylow – A nasty jousting list if ever there was one. The way to deal with this is to quickly and as effectively as possible remove low. Kill him quick then try to hammer Rey, while keeping her out of arc for finn and her ability. Easier said then done.
  • 3 & 4 wookies, I’d argue this is going to be the hardest of match ups. Especially with all of them packing 3 attack, and a 180 degree firing arc. The only way to deal with them is to force the bump, and get behind them and shoot while they have minimal defensive bonuses. Lowhie would be first target in the 3 wookie build, he wont be present in the 4 wookie build.

That pretty much sums up what I will need to do to progress to the top 16. I feel confident I can pull it off, it will be hard, with only doing 2 base attack, which makes it difficult to push through damage, however, with the large volume of 2 and 1 agility ships I will be seeing, I believe it will be doable.

My main worries are howard’s aces, 3 & 4 wookies, and nymranda. I feel lothal fenn can be dealt with fairly easily due to the nature of the build.

Oh well, time for sleep!

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