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Nikon vs Canon August 30, 2017

Ok, its really not about nikon vs canon but actually about where both companies are making awesome strides…

First lets talk about the elephant in the room – Sony.

Sony’s mirrorless full frame cameras are very impressive, except the only thing that really hurts them is their autofocus capability. Its no where near that of Canon nor Nikons.

IQ is up there however and if you are doing video, the A7S II is arguably one of the best video/still hybrids there is…autofocus not-with-standing.

The other thing that hurts Sony is lack of lenses.

Anyways, at the moment Nikon and Canon are making massive strides in different fields, and in some cases overlapping.

One of the awesome things about Canons EF lens mount is that you can get a couple F1.2 lenses (there is even a 50mm F1.0), where as Nikon has 1 F1.2 lens, and that is a manual focus 50mm.

Another thing with Canon is the fact that canon seems to be hitting strides with their lens design (and except for a couple of exceptions from Nikon), the Canon glass line up is over all a better proposition. The Nikon glass that owns it over the Canon counter parts? The 70-200 F2.8E VR, the 300mm F4 PF VR, and the crazy 105mm F1.4 (also for the budget conscious, the new Nikon AF-P 70-300 F4-5.6 appears to be excellent as well).

Bodies at the moment seems to be Nikons court. The D500 and D5 predominantly are some of the best action still cameras there are with that autofocus is just unbeatable.

And now with the release of the Nikon D850 which has that awesome autofocus, and a 45.7MP sensor, with 7FPS (9FPS with grip and D5 battery) is going to replace a LOT of D5s and D810s.

Im not going to go over everything on the D850, there is plenty of places that do that already. This is the body that does it all, and there is NOTHING that matches it for the price point. Period (at least when it comes to numbers – when actual reviews happen that will give us a better picture so to speak).

If nikon could create the bodies and canon the lenses we would have a match made in heaven….


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