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Rules for the server:

  1. Don’t be too much of a dick.
  2. Don’t cheat in game in megamek
  3. The server owner/admin has final say in all disputes on the server
  4. You don’t need a membership on a forum or anything just come and play.


Rules for in game/pre-game:

  1. Expect the unexpected
  2. Don’t let a game stalemate. (I.e. Standoff at 20 hexes – if this happens and no one is willing to make a move after 3 turns a warning will be given, the attacking player must make an effort to end any standoff. Failure to comply after the warning will result in both player’s armies used in the match to be stripped from their hangar. Any second offence and you will be back to sol with an empty hangar. 3rd offence is a day ban.
  3. If there is a bug or glitch don’t abuse it, report it. Armies will be stripped if players are found to be abusing a bug/glitch deliberately.
  4. The players have final right in saying who may or may not join in watching a game. Please ask if you join and do not use see all command unless both players have given permission. Only admins/mods may do so without player authority. (Any cheating using this will be dealt with by a 2-day ban)
  5. There is no army composition. Take what you want – there will be other benefits to taking a more balanced army.
  6. See below for zellbrigen rules.



3 levels:

Level 1: no physical combat at all, no shooting a knocked out mech or over heated one, no gangbanging, fights must be declared at start of the match. Each player must have equal number of units for this to happen. Also no targeting of the head.

Level 2: no physical combat at all. Fights to be declared at start of match each player must have the same unit count. No targeting of the head

Level 3: anything goes

Failure to adhere to any of the levels of zellbrigen agreed too prior to the match will result in a one turn no action penalty for the offending unit. A second time it occurs the offending unit must eject

A third failure and the battle becomes a free for all. If people are found to be abusing this then the rules will be more strictly enforced with harsher penalties

Not all games have to be zellbrigen. But they do give you better payouts/results. Zellbrigen matches are AFR only.

Each season will last 3 to 6 months depending on how i feel. 2 weeks’ notice will be given of season ending in the motd.

The winning faction of the season will get to update/add 1 mech in each of their tables to a value of 5 points (each faction table has common set for 100). The losing faction will be annihilated and removed from available factions. This will continue till only 4 factions remain (or I get bored).

When the final season happens, it will be basically an all in for a month, the winner will get to add a mech they have customised to the build tables. Then everything will be reset (aside from build tables) and we will start fresh.

Each season will have a shuffle of the mechs in the build tables and newer mechs will be introduced both in the faction specific build tables and the common build table.

There will be a one on one duel specific attack type that will allow in house attacks as well. This is designed more so to diffuse disputes and is played at Level 1 Zellbrigen rules.

Minimum BV for matches if 500.

Army Composition:

(This is pending verification if it can be done in megamek)

As advised above, we don’t have any mandatory guidelines for what you must take in an army. However, we do have some benefits for taking a more balanced or lighter approach.

For every 5 mechs or part thereof, if 3 or more are assault class, please add a front load of initiative of -1.

For armies That have no assault mechs, and only 1 heavy mech front load the initiative to +1