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Test game Lowrey vs Asajj-em March 13, 2018


Rey — YT-1300 45
Expertise 4
Kanan Jarrus 3
Finn 5
Engine Upgrade 4
Millennium Falcon (TFA) 1
Ship Total: 62
Lowhhrick — Auzituck Gunship 28
Expertise 4
Tactician 2
C-3PO 3
Ship Total: 37


Emon Azzameen — Firespray-31 36
Ion Cannon 3
Bomblet Generator 3
Cad Bane 2
Cruise Missiles 3
Glitterstim 2
Extra Munitions 2
Engine Upgrade 4
Slave I 0
Ship Total: 55
Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 37
Lone Wolf 2
Latts Razzi 2
Glitterstim 2
Glitterstim 2
Ship Total: 45

basically rey and low stuck together looking at jousting Emon, Asajj was on the far corner.

The initial attacks didnt do much to the fire spray but it did drop all the shields on the Auzituck (some bad luck – shouldnt have guessed 1 lol).

The fire spray came closer and so did rey and low, low forgot to shoot, and rey did 5 damage (finn and expertise) to emon the following round. Asajj was still playing up near the deployment zone, but was slowly getting to the fight.

The next turn the two rebel ships bumped which totally put them out of whack. Emon was able to capitlise with another 3 damage to the auzituck (again I guessed 1, when I shouldnt have). Asajj was getting closer.

The following turn caused the auzituck to be out of arc (again), but rey got a shot off and dropped some more shield off emon. However this wasnt with out being hit by a bomblet from emon using his 3 hard to smash both of them and using cad banes re-rolls.

Asajj finally got into the rey and started peppering the auzituck or the falcon which ever was easier, constantly being in range 2 made it hard for rey to use expertise again.

eventually emon was down to one hull left as was the auzituck, asajj was full health, and rey was shield less.

The maneuvering of emon meant the following turn he was going to be off the board. but he dropped a bomblet right into the faces of both rey and low, low bit the dust, while rey copped more damage.

Asajj was able to control the game from there, however, it wasnt all her way, she was down to half points as well, by the time she got rey.

Over all, both lists are quite solid IMHO, and it is hard to sort of find a hole to add something and drop something. I think tactician could probably be removed and add in inspiring recruit for extra stress removal.

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