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The Art of the Maneuver…and how your minds eye can help you win games. March 11, 2018

X-wing is mixture of skill, determination, and luck. Not always in equal parts.

The art of flying is a fundamental skill to develop, and some players have a better capacity to “fly” than others.

I’ve been practicing using small and large ships and getting to know the templates and the base sizes. A good link for the dimensions of EVERYTHING in X-wing is here:

There is a couple of take aways but first lets start with the forward maneuvers:

Straight Templates

  • 1 Straight Length – 40mm
  • 2 Straight Length – 80mm
  • 3 Straight Length – 120mm
  • 4 Straight Length – 160mm
  • 5 Straight Length – 200mm

So each template for a straight is 40mm bigger than the previous, but this is also interesting because:

Range Ruler Template

  • Range 1 Length – 100mm
  • Full Range Ruler Template Length – 300mm

Each range band is 100mm in length. So the first thing we can already deduce is that a straight 5 is the same length as the range 3 delimiter (so it is range 2 in length).

The next thing we should note is the size of the bases of small and large ships:

Small Base

  • Small Base Length – 40mm
  • Small Base Width – 40mm

Large Base

  • Large Base Length – 80mm
  • Large Base Width – 80mm

So the bases are exactly square, which is handy to know. Now this allows us to do a bit of math to do some range calculations in our head.

Say you use Trajectory sim, and want to avoid the bomb you just launched, how could you do it? In a small ship, if you move a 1 length, you would be 80mm away from your starting position, and based on math, at most 120mm from the bomb you just launched. In theory you should be outside of range 1 of the bomb.

What if you are a big ship? Flat out of luck there. 40mm + 80mm = 120mm = being within range 2 of your original position, and being within range one of the bomb. Ugh!

Now this doesnt take into account curves. That is a more trickier proposition. But we know the width of the templates is 20mm, so for small ships we have 10mm difference either side, while for large ships we have 30mm diff either side.

A good break down of visual aids for maneuvering is here:

The key thing is, if you can visualise in your minds eye, your movement templates, you will have a better idea of where you will end up. Having your maneuver templates laid out in front of you makes a BIG difference, and also makes it harder for your opponent to guess what one you will choose.

Understanding where you will end up is key for dropping bombs, and being in arc of your opponent or not.

Being able to visualise is a massive advantage, and will help you guide your ships to success.

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