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Why I suck at X-wing! September 4, 2019

So, had the biggest X-Wing in australia last weekend. Been decompressing for the last few days, and finally Im going to write about it.

Im not going to bother writing about my wins, I will say I went 5-1 on the first day, I had arguably the worst MOV out of the top cut, and possibly even the top 100. All my games went to time, with me ahead by a MOV of between 10 and 50.

(I also dont remember much of what I played against except for the first game which was a bit of rebel beef – Norra [Arc], Dutch, Blount and something else. The loss vs a kiwi playing 2x Sigma Phantoms w/ Juke, and rex with Juke [and I think tractor too], and Rick playing his usual Resistance Beef [Pava, Wexley, bastian and Finn].)

The game Im going to look at is my loss in the top 16 vs Morgan Reid.

Now playing Morgan for my first time was slightly intimidating, but it left me a bit if a taste in my mouth I didnt like. (It was the only time the whole weekend I got angry – and thats a story for another time).

I lost the game probably from the start, and there was 2 mistakes:

1) My deployment sucked, I stuck with the corner, where I should have deployed in the middle.
2) I swapped locks from one of his inquisitors to soontir.

This is where you go: “god you’re an idiot heath”, and yes you’d be correct. The win condition here was Jendon w/ Krennic. Krennic’s condition card with soontir is plain dirty, and can mean even if soontir wiffs, he will still likely do a shield or flip a face down card.

Understanding the impact of a condition card like Krennic’s can make or break a game.

As Duke once said: “Knowing is half the battle”.

If I had played this game again, I think given my better understanding of it, I would easily go after jendon first. Dropping his jendon would give me an advantage. Secondly, I would shelter the ship he locked first allowing me some extra time to drop Jendon and break that all important lock.

The moral of the story is this folks, make sure you have a thorough understanding of what gear your opponent is running. Make informed decisions around it, as it can make or break you in the game.

As I said before, I arguably lost this game at the start, but, even with my shitty deployment I still could have pulled it out if I was more careful in regards to what Krennic was going to do.

Morgan played well, so full credit to him for sure and deserved the win due to my silliness.

Anyways. I got a huge haul of swag from the Aussie System Open, and Im looking forward to Aussie Nats later in the year. Over all I’m pretty impressed by how far I got. My girls (the inquisitors) were amazing!


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