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The Rise of Finn (and Padme, Teroch, Palob, and Vader [crew]) August 23, 2019

Ahh Finn, “he’s a big deal”. My kinda fella. Also probably going to be seen on x-wing table tops world over (well, till his ability gets neutered by FFG.).

Lets look at him:

His ability states:

“While you defend or perform an attack, you may add 1 blank result, or you may gain 1 strain token to add 1 focus result instead.”

His cost is 29 points, his upgrade slots: Talent, Tech, Mod, and Crew.

Currently there is several builds floating around for him, but most of it centres around this:

Finn + Heroic + Perceptive co-pilot.

Perceptive co-pilot is so good with finn’s ability when it comes to defence it isnt funny. He can become one of the tankiest ships in X-wing, probably only second to Vennie (when fully decked out).

But Finn’s ability isnt just good for defence, its good for offence too. Being able to pretty much reliably push 3 damage out a turn makes him a true threat.

Heroic is probably the best talent to take. If you do go blanks on 2 defence or attack dice, you can add a blank at no cost to yourself and re roll them all (I know its saved my bacon a few times).

When it comes to going further their is 2 trains of thought: Advanced Optics or Pattern Analyzer.

Advanced optics allows you to add a blank to your attack and turn a focus to a hit, but the likely hood of having to spend 2 focus’s during an attack is greater. While Pattern allows you to perform red manoeuvres (even over Asteroids and Gas clouds!!) and still perform an action. This is hugely important as being able to get those focuses means you stay alive longer.

Last but not least, when it comes to choices of mods, you realistically have 3 choices: nothing, Stealth Device, Shield upgrade.

If you want cheap, don’t take any mod. If you want to become tankier, Stealth Device, it can really be useful particularly at the early engagements, where as shield upgrade gives you a little more beef for you’re opponent to chew through, combined with Finn’s ability and 2 evade dice still makes him plenty tanky.

Now for the elephant in the room. His ability. I’ve gone through it a fair bit now, but there is a bit of growing concern about it. Let me explain.

This relates only to defence. When Finn defends, he can gain a strain to add an focus result. However as per the rules reference, once you have defended you lose a strain token. So in actual effect the strain doesnt actually impact you negatively at all. At the moment this is currently how it is being ruled. However, in saying this I fully believe they will update the rules reference after the Australian SoS (system open), to read “after you have defended you may remove a strain token that has not been added during this attack”. Its a clean way of handling it, and I’m some what surprised it hasnt already been implemented.

Ok let’s look into the people who can easily deal with finn, Im not going to go into too much detail as most of them have been around a while now.

Ol’ Teroch. The original token stripper, as long as he is in r1 and his front arc, no tokens for you!

Palob, steal’s tokens while in r0-2 of his arc(s). Only 1 tho!

Vader Crew, its not really a steal but it can force you to spend a focus or take a damage. Not ideal, but definitely annoying.

Lastly Padme. Ahh the lovely Padme. In game terms she’s actually a right royal pain in the backside (hehehehe sorry bad pun!). Her ability limits you to modifying 1 focus result, attacking or defending. So if you come up all eyeballs, you’re outta luck (lock’s cant do it either!!). Padme is actually a big counter to a lot of lists in many ways, however, she is flying an airframe that while pretty good, if cought out can fall over quicker than you can poke a stick at it. Padme deserves her own article and I’ll get one up soon about her. But I predict, Finn and Padme will be in a lot of lists in coming months (and probably a points bump for both too).


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