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Why is Vennie so damn good in Hyperspace February 26, 2019

Vennie. After the post from PhilGC see here, Vennie has become pretty hot. And its easy to see why.

His ability grants him the ability to add a focus to any defence dice he throws IF the attacking ship is in any friendly ship turret arc (this includes his own.

So, in saying that, you have a ship that can generate some crazy defence if you take c3p0 or perceptive co-pilot.

Heres a pretty crazy combo I’ve played with in place of the usual (‘3p0, rey & vet turret gunner):

Vennie (62)
Pattern Analyzer (5)
Perceptive Copilot (8)
Finn (10)
Rey (14)

Ship total: 99

We already know how good rey/finn interaction is, well here it is on an even doper set up. In theory, Vennie can survive a possible 4 damage in one attack (range 3 primary attack [or HLC] in front arc) assuming you roll double evades admittedly.

But still that should put pause to you. Infact this vennie synergises with M9G8 beautifully, if he is attacking out the front arc you get an additional die to play with.

Now is this worth the loss of the double tap. Potentially. You could always keep vet turret gunner in place of finn, your defence wont be as good (in theory), but you do get more shots off (3 + 2 base).

Something to think about for sure.

Tomorrow I’m going to run over the Toronto System open winning list (and the runner up – the final had a bit of controversy so both lists need to be looked at).


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