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Looking into the magic 8 ball – First Order December 27, 2018

Ok, so I’ve been playing a LOT of First Order of late. Its swung between two main builds:

1) Kylo, QD and Null
2) Dormitz, QD and Null.

I’ve found the first one, ran into issues if I didnt have a big enough bid,and kylo moved first, things became problematic to say the least. Kylo, more so than any other pilot aside from Soontir really wants to move last! His 2 shield 4 hull may seem solid, it goes down like a wet paper bag if you are not careful.

After facing several upsilon ships, I decided to ditch kylo and take Dormitz for his deployment ability. So far, I feel this version is leaps and bounds better than almost any other FO build, and infact, as I’ll touch on later 3 ship builds for resistance seem to be the most effective as well.

My current Dormitz, QD and Null build is this:

Lieutenant Dormitz — Upsilon-Class Shuttle 60
Pattern Analyzer 5
Hyperspace Tracking Data 2
Captain Phasma 5
Shield Upgrade 4
Ship Total: 76

"Quickdraw" — TIE/SF Fighter 45
Pattern Analyzer 5
Special Forces Gunner 10
Fire-Control System 3
Shield Upgrade 6
Ship Total: 69

"Null" — TIE/FO Fighter 31
Fanatical 2
Pattern Analyzer 5
Afterburners 8
Ship Total: 46

This list has some odd choices, but they work. Let me explain:

Dormitz with a shield upgrade?? WTF?? Yup. 1 extra shield may seem over kill, but the ability to weather 2 proton torp attacks before you go into its soft chewy centre can make a big difference particularly over the course of a game.

Also Shield upgrade on QD?? WTF?? This one shouldnt be so surprising, again, its about surviving the inevitable proton torp shot, if you can loose 2 shield, the opponent is going to hate popping shops at you after that. Once bitten twice shy and all that.

Null in general, people often attack him first, I usually had shield upgrade on him, which makes him quite survivable.

Im still toying with the idea of dropping afterburners back for the shield upgrade, but fanatical and pattern analyzer make good sense on him simply because of their efficiency. (Pattern analyzer, is actually a lot more filthy than the other options in the tech slot, try it with the quad jets!!).

Everything else should be pretty common sense.

In saying that – its bed time for me!


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