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Why Quickdraw is one of the most annoying units in X-Wing right now December 21, 2018

Currently in X-wing there are some interesting ships floating around. We’re seeing a preponderance of Poe, Rey, Redline, Whisper, and even Soontir.

However, I honestly think with all the double tap shenanigans going on, QD could actually be the most annoying ship currently out there.

Currently the usual build starts out like this:

"Quickdraw" — TIE/SF Fighter 45
Special Forces Gunner 10
Ship Total: 55

However, to build to taste, you really need to add some defense in there, to really maximise the use of her double tap.

So we add in Shield Upgrade 6 bringing our total to 61.

From here, we could build further, but at this point QD is quite solid. However, you could always add Fire Control System 3 and maybe to take advantage of Special Forces Gunner Trick Shot 1 while in between obstacles.

I’ve tried Juke on QD and it works rather well, but you really need a way to provide coordinate support to her, unlike phantoms, Juke isnt a must however.

QD is pain to deal with, as generally you will find she moves last, and always has an arc facing you, so if you have arc on her, you may not want to shoot at her, if she will possibly finish off a ship in her arc. I’ve had several games where QD has been the only ship in my opponents arc, and they didnt shoot at her because of the possibility of taking another 3-4 attack dice.

Now, lets look at SF Gunner, QD is in very rarefied territory of a ship having not one but top possible bonus attacks. Admittedly one happens after you lose a shield, the SF Gunner one happens if your arc in in your rear arc. Admittedly, it can only be 2 attack dice, unless you are in range 1, or obstructed with trick shot, it can be a powerful tool to prevent followers, and especially at PS6, makes an interesting side dish of hate.

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