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Back to Basics in 2.0 December 4, 2018

X-wing 2.0 is a similar beast but yet a much different one to 1.0. The game has changed substantially, yet is still the same, the game is coming back to a manoeuvring game more than a pure slugfest of 1.0.

My nats experience showed me that my ability to manoeuvre is severely lacking, so what do you do? You practice, and stick with a list. As some of you may know, Im terrible in that regard, I hate playing the same thing over and over again. But the reality is if I am going to improve I will need to stick with a particular list, or at least a couple of elements of the list.

There is several options available for a good ship for properly playing the manoeuvre game.

The obvious 3 is Soontir, Darth Vader and Fenn Rau.

Lets have a look at all 3 options, and potential combos with other ships.

Lets have a look at the dials

This is the Dial of the Fang Fighter.

Interceptor Dial.

Tie Advanced x1 Dial.

Looking at the dials, the first thing that stands out is how similar all 3 dials are, particularly the Fang and Interceptor. The only tangiable differences is the fact the Fang does Talons while the Interceptor does sloops, and the interceptor has 2, 3, and 4 forward blues, while the Fang only has 2 & 3 forward blues.

The native ability of the Interceptor makes it much more manoeuvrable (ability to perform a boost or barrell roll after performing an action) than the Fang (which is more about getting into front arc and range 1 of your opponent), and the Tie Adv X1.

Im going to focus on the Imperials as they really benefit playing the outmanoeuvre game with their abilities.

My current idea is this:
Soontir, Vader & Pure Sabacc.

Thats 166 base. Which leaves some decent points for upgrades.

First Im going to waste some points on shield upgrade for Pure Sabacc, as his ability actually is worth having the shield on him, which is 6 points.

Next up is mandatory FCS on vader, due to the ability x1 has. This leaves 25 points.

Following that, Id argue Soontir really benefits from having predator due to his pilot ability gaining a focus by being in the bullseye.

More talk about this another day. I have something else I need to get off my chest first…


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