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Separating the good from the bad – X-wing 2.0 November 7, 2018

I’ve watched plenty of X-wing games and played a few, but there is one thing that doesnt seem to be broached when it comes to discussion of the game, and learning to play it.

Its a very elementary thing – its something that separates the good from the bad. (bad is probably too harsher term)

Its forward planning. Thinking ahead.

There’s a good discussion on chess.stackexchange¬†here.

Now X-Wing isnt Chess, however, it still bares some semblance to chess particularly movement is key, and being able to roughly predict your opponents manoeuvres can make a big difference in the game, from preventing opponents actions to preventing you from being attacked in the first place.

Understanding how to build a plan and stick to it is a powerful skill to learn.

The main keys to take away here is this, always look at what your potential moves are, what could be obvious counters, remembering what options are available to your opponent. Always try to plan for the worst possible outcome, while hoping for the best.

Take into account following turns based on your current plans as well.

The always ideal situation to place yourself in would be is to have a shot on your opponent with best mods while your opponent has no shot. The next best is both of you having no shot, but you prepped to have a shot the following turn.

The following to that would be you having good mods vs your opponent but them not having good odds to you.

The other factor you need to prepare for is know your win condition. If you can win by killing one ship in your opponents list, plan for that. But remember the old adage, “no plan survives contact with the enemy”.


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