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Alpha-Class Star Wing in 2.0. October 9, 2018

The Alpha-Class Star wing, is arguably one of the fastest attack craft in the employ of the Imperials or any faction for that matter.

The main power behind the Alpha-Class is the 2 configuration cards:

OS-1 Arsenal Loadout.

XG-1 Assault Configuration.

Both cards, allow the Alpha-Class to perform an attack while having a disarm token. In regard to the Arsenal Load out, you also need a target lock as well.

The next all important upgrade card for the Alpha-Class, is this, the Advanced Slam.

Advanced Slam.

Being able to perform an action, after performing a Slam Action, is a very powerful ability.

As for the actions of the Alpha-Class…

Alpha-Class Star Wing (Nu Squadron Pilot).

The Alpha-Class, has Focus, Target Lock, Slam, and Reload.

Theres two real loadouts for these bad boys which would make sense.

For the Arsenal Loadout, FCS, Proton Torpedoes, Advanced Slam. FCS gives the Alpha-Class the ability to re-roll a dice as necessary.

For the Assault Confiiguration, Ion Cannon, FCS, and Advanced Slam. Unlike the Arsenal loadout, you can spend the target lock (sorry lock!) for re-rolls. However, you are limited to a maximum of 3 attack dice for the attack.

3 of these beasts working in conjunction with Colonel Jendon, could prove to be an incredibly formidable strike force.

The real power behind the Alpha-Class is being able to shoot after performing a slam.

When combined with Colonel Jendon, you perform locks from outside of range, allowing you to generate a focus on your slam manoeuvre.

As some one who likes looking at ranges and math, based on what I have worked out, generally if you start from the back of the board, progress a 2 forward, then use jendons ability to get the Alpha-Class ships to organise a target lock. That way you can perform a focus when moving into close range for shooting. This is where the advanced slam becomes very important.

Welcome to the Alpha-Class.

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