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X-Wing 2.0 – Got games September 23, 2018

So, finally had a couple of 2.0 games.

The list:

My opponent ran Rebel Lando w/ Bistan, nein nunb, Jyn, and Luke with instinctive aim, R2D2, proton torps and S-Foils (that was close to what he was running, nothing else I can think of.

Both games ended up being luke vs boba at the end, the first game my opponent flew lando off the board by mistake, the second time, I managed to kill him out right, but in hindsight I should have targetted luke instead of lando, as lando had the 1 less defence dice crit, and only had 2 health, where as luke had 2 health left as well.

Guri sadly was lost relatively cheaply, and I really need to pick up my game plan on him, as Im losing him too easily.

In saying that, his maneuverability is out of this world, I loved flipping him about and doing crazy shit.

I plan on using guri again, in a slightly different configuration, maybe combined with 4lom and something else.

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