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X-wing 2.0 – The infinite possibility guri! August 21, 2018

Guri is widely regarded as one of the strongest individual ships in X-wing 2.0, and for good reason, he has maneuverability in spades, has solid damage output, good ability to evade incoming attacks, and a solid set of slots.

Lets look:

His line:

So, a talent slot, system slot, torps, mod and title.

Being able to talk about guri, means you probably should also talk about virago title:

Firstly, it adds a couple things +1 shield, and the ability to spend a charge to perform a red boost action at the end phase. Plus it adds an additional mod slot.

My ideal build for guri would be as follows:

Guri — StarViper 62
Outmaneuver 6
Adv. Proton Torpedoes 6
Shield Upgrade *
Virago 10
Stealth Device *
Ship Total: 100

At first you may think this is a lot of possible stress for maneuvering shenanigans, but in fact its not really.

Especially with such a forgiving dial…

Lots of blue, an only 2 red, those being sloops.

Realistically, Guri wants to be close to his opponent, so the advaned proton torps come in handy here, as does the shield upgrade and stealth device. Anything to improve your staying power will make a big difference.

How is guri to be played? Ideally he is your harasser, support for someone like boba who can smash things pretty well, in saying that also elusive may be a slightly better choice.

Guri may not do well in the first 2 waves, but as we start moving away from swarms he will come into his own for sure.

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