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X-wing 2.0 – What Luke Must Be August 18, 2018

Ok, so peeps been to gencon have their 2.0 kits now (bastards!).

I’ve been looking intently at the cards, and thus far, Im seeing the force being a major disruptor of the core mechanics.

First we have the ability to spend as many force points as you have to turn focuses to hits/evades, secondly they renew (by 1) each turn. And lastly, if you have a pilot who has the force, they can take force power upgrade cards, instead of EPTs.

Darth is a special kettle of fish, and incredibly powerful, however, I want to introduce you to a young boy from tattooine, who might just trump him.

Luke Skywalker. And as you will see in a minute, he will well and truly live up to that name.

As you can see, his base points is 62, he can have a force upgrade, torps, astro, modification and configuration upgrade.

Not bad, lets look at what is arguably the first and most important upgrade on any T-65 X-wing. Servomotor S-Foils.

Im only showing the closed one, as thats the one you need. It grants a boost, and focus -> boost (red), to your action bar. This is important as you will see in a moment.

The next upgrade which should also be mandatory for Luke is:

Supernatural Reflexes. Arguably one of the most powerful cards in the game. The ability to reposition, BEFORE activating, is huge. Advanced sensors allows you to do this, however, it limits you at ONE action (or one combo action).

Luke, thanks to servomotor now has a white boost, allowing him to take full advantage of supernatural reflexes.

(This is also probably why Kylo has been brought down to a 5, rather than a 6. A double reposition at PS6 would be honestly broken, vader is bad enough, and I’ll look at him another day).

So assuming you have your s-foils closed, you can boost and barrel roll. Boo-yah! As anyone who remembers the old advanced sensors/ptl from 1.0 can attest, this ability to get a double maneuver is hellishly strong, even if it is separated be a standard maneuver.

So, lets look at this. You can barrel roll do a standard maneuver then boost (or better yet focus->boost), and bang, you are probably out of arc. Or alternatively, you could boost first, then do your maneuver, and barrel roll or focus/target lock pending on the situation.

I will say this possibly allows one additional crazy option, Im still trying to get this confirmed. But in theory, a white boost action is different to a linked red boost. If that is the case, it may indeed be possible to perform the same kind of action twice. Now I will re-iterate, this is hypothetical at best (I believe it is unlikely, but it does seem a rather grey area).

I believe when Kylo gets released we will see the same sort of deal with him, and I believe whole heartedly this is why he was bumped down to PS5.

As for Darthy boy, well, he has a similar conundrum as Luke does as per the paragraph about double actions. But thats for another day.

Theres a reason Supernatural reflexes costs 12 points. And what i’ve described spells it out.

See ya!

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