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Lets talk about THAT match and some fixes… November 4, 2019

Firstly, I want to make this clear, this is not a name and shame of Mitch who flew the quad star vipers to top 4 at worlds. This is more so a discussion on events that transpired and what strategies can be used to defend against it and more so, proposals to combat it.

After reviewing the game that seemed to gain the most ire the top 16 match where Mitch vs’d Duncan Howard, if you listen to the interview from Fly better Podcast, he’s pretty bitter about it. He obviously had to fight his opponent on his opponents terms rather than making the terms more favourable for himself.

It has also been noted that in several instances this should have been raised at the beginning where players were jockying around for position. This, is far as I understand, is normal x-wing.

Eventually Duncan had to push through the rocks to deal with the vipers which suited Mitch obviously much more than Duncan.

This is part of the game, we try to get our opponent to engage on our terms, not theirs. This is X-wing 101. As we have a better chance of doing damage and/or killing opposing ships if we engage on our terms.

Anyways, how can we enforce engagement with out breaking the fundamental elements of the game?

I feel there is several aspects we need to investigate to balance the game out.

Firstly obstacles. I feel being able to place them outside of r1 of the non deploying sides is a good start, allowing a bigger area to field them, and thus more tactical space for some lists.

Secondly making final salvo less of an issue. At the moment this seems to be the most problematic issue thats causing grief amongst players, especially builds with large amount of final salvo dice. It shouldnt be a win condition. The way around that? Simple, if points are tied at the end of the match, you roll attack dice to the value of the destroyed ships (ie if player a destroyed 3 2 attack ships and the opponent killed 1 3 dice ship and points were tied, the opponent would get 3 dice, and player a would get 6).

Now this obviously favours smaller ship builds, but I feel it would be a push in the right direction.

Thirdly, bids. This will probably be the other contentious point I will make – bids need to be eliminated, they are effectively safe points for the player running the bid, and as we have seen, running a bid can be a strong thing to do.

What I suggest is with bids, at the end of the game, each players bid gets added to their opponents final score, if they scored points. If a player didnt score points then they dont score any of the bid points. This will prevent issues with players who got 200-0’d getting points they dindt earn.

Finally, I feel X-wing needs to take a good look and possibly include objective based games into the tournament format. This will encourage alternate builds not just the pure efficiency lists we have come to expect at the top tables.

I feel these things could encourage more engagements, and open the field up of played ships. While the meta is in a pretty good spot, I feel it could be improved to eliminate the current gripes still being fielded at present.

So far though I do think FFG are doing a good job, but with the addition of the above we could push the game even further.

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