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Grand Moff Tarkin…our new overlord? October 28, 2019

Today a post in the x-wing minis rule group prompted something in my head. It wasnt until I got home had the seeds it planted bloomed. And hence this post.

Extended has the lot, but there is one card Im some what surprised no one has really thought about fully.

Im talking about Grand Moff Tarkin.

By himself he doesnt seem like much, but when you put some other pieces of the puzzle together all of a sudden he becomes very meta worthy. Why and how you ask? Let me elaborate.

X-wing is as much about manouvring as it is about list building and action economy (also called comboing).

At the moment Extended imperials make very strong use of Jendon for various ships (usually inquisitors of late) to gain early locks so they can be fully moded when the dice start get thrown.

However, lately krennic has been thrown into the mix as his ability grants a lock on the action bar of the ship he is travelling on and also assigning optimized prototype to a ship (which is really good at stripping shields or flipping damage cards).

Now the key part here is Krennic adds a lock to the action bar, which then allows you to take tarkin. As a combo it is very very strong.

Why is it strong you ask? The answer is simple, action economy. THe one drawback inquisitors have is some times they need to do a lock action at an in-oppertune time, and this can cost them the evade they may normally of taken.

Using tarkin, with a bit of forethought can yield excellent results allowing you to get locks on a new ship every couple of turns, with out expending the action for it.

Acquire is a wonderful word in x-wing vocabularly.

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