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The good, bad and ugly of the Republic Jedi April 8, 2019

Ok, so the Republic has been around now for a couple weeks pretty much, the Jedi are starting to become regular occurrences on the battlefield.

Heres my guide to the good, bad and ugly of the jedi.

Lets start with the ugly…

Bariss Offee, has an aggressive based ability, with the ability to turn a focus to a hit or a hit to a crit, but only has 1 force point. Making his ability not really worth it at all. 4 more points than a generic jedi, is hardly worth it.

To be honest Bariss is the only jedi that really stands out as being ugly to be fair, the others may be bad, but not so bad as they become ugly.

Lets look at the list of “bad” jedi (this will be in order from bad to ok):

Luminara Unduli, her ability will trigger more than her opposite in Bariss, however, it is still relatively situational and only 2 force charges makes it fairly impotent. It can work in some lists, but even then if you are lucky.

Plo Koon, his ability in taking one of your friendly ships orange tokens or giving a friendly ship a green token that he has, is alright, but not that great. Like Bariss and Luminara, the ability is situational at best. Also his price point given his ability is probably a tad too high also works against him. His only saving grace is the fact he is PS5.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, this is a bitter pill to swallow. Obi-wan’s ability is as far as im concerned one of the best in the game hands down. He effectively has infinite focus’s for himself, or allow a high ps ace to spend a focus and regain it for defensive purposes would make a big difference. However, it just doesnt seem as efficient as some of the others who arguably have slightly better abilities for aggressive play. A support jedi while hectically good, just isnt in the play style thats workable at the moment.

Saesee Tiin, this one has a very divided opinion. Saesee depending on your play style can be very good or utterly garbage. I can see it from both sides, but I still dont rate him that well. And the reasoning is simple, If you want to make use of Saesee with higher PS ships, it leads you to be relatively predictable for your placement of Saesee, as he will need to be within 0-2 of the other ship. And a relatively predictable ship is a dead ship, especially vs any good ace player. When Saesee is using the ability for himself it makes him a lot more maneuverable, but to make best use of him, you really need R4.

On to the good.

Generi(c) Jedi Knights, this one is some what borderline good/bad, it really depends on your play style, with 7B, they are solid hitters, that can dart around, naked they arent too bad either, but with CLT, they are a bit sketchy as it is pretty hard to get the right angle on your opponents (particularly higher PS) shi[s with the bullseye to make use of CLT.

Mace Windu, another pilot in the borderline pile. His ability is ok, but his real strength is the fact he is a 3 force point ship, which means he can lock, and not need a focus generally. Or if he evades, he has force points to convert eye ball results reliably in defence. 7B is a good option, as CLT on a PS4 ship would be hard to get off. Plus he is reasonably cheap.

Anakin, well, what to say about anakin, he will drive a new bidding war for sure, but is he really the bees knees of the Jedi, probably not. His ability while good, is actually, not as good as say Nien’s, and its simply because of how it triggers. When you combine anakin with 7B, Afterburners and R4-P17, he becomes a out of this world maneuvering monster (even more so if you whack on supernatural reflexes), but again, he is limited somewhat by his ability.

If you have the bid, CLT is a good option for him, but given that he is PS6, you can get around and avoid being hit more often than not.

Finally Ahsoka, she has proven to be one of the gold standard ships of the republic. up to 3 actions per turn, or giving a friendly ship a bonus action even if stressed. She’s AP5 with some conditions basically. She can lock/focus every turn pretty much, or double reposition and focus/lock as required.

Ahsoka, is arguably the best of the best in all the Jedi, Anakin, could swap places with her depending on who is playing him, but Ahsoka has a far lower entry point to play then any of the other Jedi, maybe aside from Mace.

Anyways, thats enough from me. Hopefully you agree, if you dont, let me know why!


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