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Why is Vennie so damn good in Hyperspace February 26, 2019

Vennie. After the post from PhilGC see here, Vennie has become pretty hot. And its easy to see why.

His ability grants him the ability to add a focus to any defence dice he throws IF the attacking ship is in any friendly ship turret arc (this includes his own.

So, in saying that, you have a ship that can generate some crazy defence if you take c3p0 or perceptive co-pilot.

Heres a pretty crazy combo I’ve played with in place of the usual (‘3p0, rey & vet turret gunner):

Vennie (62)
Pattern Analyzer (5)
Perceptive Copilot (8)
Finn (10)
Rey (14)

Ship total: 99

We already know how good rey/finn interaction is, well here it is on an even doper set up. In theory, Vennie can survive a possible 4 damage in one attack (range 3 primary attack [or HLC] in front arc) assuming you roll double evades admittedly.

But still that should put pause to you. Infact this vennie synergises with M9G8 beautifully, if he is attacking out the front arc you get an additional die to play with.

Now is this worth the loss of the double tap. Potentially. You could always keep vet turret gunner in place of finn, your defence wont be as good (in theory), but you do get more shots off (3 + 2 base).

Something to think about for sure.

Tomorrow I’m going to run over the Toronto System open winning list (and the runner up – the final had a bit of controversy so both lists need to be looked at).


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Post Points update Xwing 2.0 February 13, 2019

So the points update has happened, and while a lot of it wasnt too surprising there was a couple of big surprises that threw a lot of people. The points changes can be viewed here:

Comparison Spreadsheet

Looking at the big call outs, big ships generally got a point reduction (except for upsilons), Moldy Crow title is 50% more (18 v 12), Tie Phantom lost its crew slot and gained a gunner slot (I had predicted this was a possibility), and proton torps got bumped to 12 points. Also Primed Thrusters and Supernatural reflexes are initiative based points (32 on vader!!). Leia and Han Gunner are two examples where they took too much of a change, I’ll explain further on.

The spready gives us some useful information to play with, especially when looking at the current meta, and how it will evolve.

Whisper (or any phantom for that matter) was a problem with Vader crew, and I’m glad its been fixed, a few people aren’t but eh, cant please everyone. If you coudln’t understand why vader crew is so broken on whisper, then you clearly don’t understand how manoeuvrable Phantoms are, and how they have a good chance of having you in their front arc more often than not.

Aside from that, now that we have some good points reductions, we are slowly starting to see ships that dont get much play, actual play time.

A good example of this is probably the E-wing, it was pretty much not played at all, but now with the points reductions, its actually seeing play. (I use it in a couple builds which I’ll discuss after)

Other ships are now seeing a bit more play, as you can fit things with them and make them worth while.

As for probably 2 of the other biggest surprises, is Leia for Rebels, gone from 8 to 2, means she is practically in every rebel list now. Every three turns, you can spend the 3 points to perform red manoeuvres as white, makes it incredibly powerful. Combine with something like Lando, or a b-wing heavy list and its quite scary. I believe they went too hard on her, and I’ll bet next points update, Leia will go to between 4-5 points. 8 is too high, 2 is too low, I think 4 would work.

Han gunner for scumm is the exact opposite, he was being used in a lot of scumm lists (including the ubiquitous Boba Fett w/ Marauder + Han Gunner), FFG bumped his points up by 200%, making him now 12 points. Once again, FFG have done the exact opposite of Leia and banged the points up to an almost unplayable level. I think once again, like Leia, there will be another points adjustment come the next points change, and Han will probably go down to about 6-8 points.

Since the points changes, I’ve been able to run a pretty interesting Rebel set up, I’ve got two builds, one Swarm Tactics based, the other a 4 ship list:

Swarm Wedge:
Braylen Stramm — A/SF-01 B-Wing 47
Crack Shot 1
Advanced Sensors 10
Jamming Beam 0
Ship Total: 58

Gavin Darklighter — E-Wing 61
Swarm Tactics 3
Fire-Control System 2
Proton Torpedoes 12
R4 Astromech 2
Ship Total: 80

Wedge Antilles — T-65 X-Wing 52
Swarm Tactics 3
R4 Astromech 2
Servomotor S-foils 0
Ship Total: 57

This list comes in at 195 points, and gives you some hard hitting shots, that pretty much guarantees a crit every attack thanks to Gavin.

I’ve been trialling a different version with 4 ships, and no Swarm Tactics:

Wedge and the Gang:
Braylen Stramm — A/SF-01 B-Wing 47
Jamming Beam 0
Ship Total: 47

Gavin Darklighter — E-Wing 61
R4 Astromech 2
Ship Total: 63

Wedge Antilles — T-65 X-Wing 52
R4 Astromech 2
Servomotor S-foils 0
Ship Total: 54

AP-5 — Sheathipede-class Shuttle 32
Leia Organa 2
Ship Total: 34

This list is more about getting shots into your opponent, while double modding either wedge and Stramm.

Both lists have been pretty decent, and I’ll need more practice with them to get the best out of them, but they’re possible now since the point update.

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