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Best pilots of X-wing 2.0 September 25, 2018

Had a few games of xwing 2.0 and so far I like what I’ve seen.

Most upgrades are worth it in one way or another which is also good.

Some builds like being naked others spamming upgrades.

This top 10 will be based not necessarily on the ship they are in but what they can take for upgrades, their action bar and pilot ability.

10. Wedge, wedge being wedge one less defence die when making an attack, either primary or secondary so torpedoes on him are brutal. Plus combined with the usual xwing sfoils upgrade and some solid slots makes for a very good pilot with a very scary capability.

9. Han solo (rebel), while he is above wedge a lot of that is due to the fact he’s got a bow tie arc shooting 3 damage and if within 0-1 of an obstacle he rerolls dice. The ship has solid action economy and also being ps6 means he is capable in a fire fight and is more long lasting than he should be.

8. Han solo (scum), while less firepower than his rebel variant, he has better health when combined with the escape craft plus also considerably cheaper. When combined with a couple choice upgrades he can be incredibly scary to face.

7. Boba fett. Boba is arguably the epitome of a solid pilot with a very solid ship. When combined with his upgrade slots and a healthy ps5 he can punish the unwary for sure.

6. Lando calrissian (rebel) ps5 with a brilliant ability (being able to grant a friendly ship within 0-3 an action after performing a blue maneuver successfully) makes him incredibly powerful. However his points costs hurt the most there.

5. Iden Versio, arguably the tie fighter you want to have in your swarm every time. Yes he’s a tie fighter, but the ability for once a game the ability to ignore damage for iden or a friendly tie fighter within 0-1 means that tie swarm will last just that bit longer and make you hit harder.

4. Luke Skywalker, the top 4 had a small gap between them all, but luke is 4th simple to because he is only ps5. Super natural reflexes combined with sfoils means he has superior flexibility when it comes to repositioning ability. He is arguably one of the best repositioners in the game with SR and s foils.

3. Guri, the star viper is arguably one of the best repositional ships bog standard in the game. Combine with guri free focus ability if within 0-1 of an enemy and pretty much any combo of upgrades will work with Guri, making it a stand out, but the next two are a level up there.

2. Darth Vader, combined with his ship ability, throw on SR and FCS (fire control system) and you have a a ship that has solid repositioning and good fire power thanks to advanced targetting computer. If luke was ps6, he would be here instead.

1. Palob Godalhi, a hawk on the top spot??!! Yup his ability to steal a focus or evade combined with some other upgrades and crew and you have a scarily resilient ship that can also make enemy ships not so resilient.

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X-Wing 2.0 – Got games September 23, 2018

So, finally had a couple of 2.0 games.

The list:

My opponent ran Rebel Lando w/ Bistan, nein nunb, Jyn, and Luke with instinctive aim, R2D2, proton torps and S-Foils (that was close to what he was running, nothing else I can think of.

Both games ended up being luke vs boba at the end, the first game my opponent flew lando off the board by mistake, the second time, I managed to kill him out right, but in hindsight I should have targetted luke instead of lando, as lando had the 1 less defence dice crit, and only had 2 health, where as luke had 2 health left as well.

Guri sadly was lost relatively cheaply, and I really need to pick up my game plan on him, as Im losing him too easily.

In saying that, his maneuverability is out of this world, I loved flipping him about and doing crazy shit.

I plan on using guri again, in a slightly different configuration, maybe combined with 4lom and something else.

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Forums for Totaltech Mekwars September 4, 2018

New Mekwars forums for the Totaltech server:

Any questions can be posted there.

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