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X-Wing: Rise of the Assist February 27, 2018

Maybe this article should be named “Revenge of the Assist”.

In all fairness Rebels in particular have a strong need for ships that done necessarily provide combat prowess, but provide mods to other ships in your fleet.

More and more we are seeing the Sheathipede-class shuttle or the Auzituck Gunship being included in lists, not necessarily because they can provide good fire power (the Sheathipede is below average for fire power, while the Auzituck can definitely deliver a pounding to an unwary opponent), but because they provide excellent defensive or offensive bonuses to other ships taken.

Lets talk the Sheathipede (aka Phantom II), the co-ordinate action allows players to get another action off on already moved ships or ships that havent moved yet. This is pretty solid, especially on Ezra and Fenn. In fact, Fenn is arguably one of the best support ships in the game due to his special ability.

As for the Auzituck, it mostly sees flight with Lowhhrick due to his pilot ability to use his re-inforce token for another friendly vessel to give said vessel one evade result.

A lot of builds are using these ships to become more action efficient or more effective in combat.

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X-Wing funsies February 18, 2018

Ok, so I’ve gotten back into X-Wing.

Its a lot of fun, and easy to play – not to mention no painting required lol.

Had a couple games now. First proper game against a decent opponent (sorry Chris), I got my arse whooped. I think every turn I had one of the two ships on a fucking asteroid. Playing big ships and getting used to the templates again and judging distances was a bad idea, especially ghost and dash.

That game was vs Howards aces list (Palp bus, quickdraw and the inquisitor).

Next game was vs 3 scurrg bombers with harpoons. No landing on rocks this time, and actually managed to down 2 of the bombers, dash was star performer with the ghost getting hammered. In the end the guys remaining scurrg finished off mr Dash, but it was a far better showing than the first game.

Getting a better over view with big ships. however, my next set ups will be based on smaller ships.

Looking at one of two options:

This uses the Tie striker as bait, do you try and kill it or do you go for the inquisitor? The Academy pilot is a diversion also allows for some blocking.

The second list is a heavier hitter, that once again gives no fucks about stress:

Each fighter can ignore or use stress in one way or another. Farlander can spend stress to turn eyeballs into hits, Tycho doesnt give two fucks about stress as he can keep taking stress till the cows come home. The only thing it prevents is red maneuvers, and that isnt that big of a deal. Finally Stramm he can remove up to 2 stress a turn with his ability and is a solid blocker, and has good fire power.

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