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First Tourny On Saturday for X-Wing March 2, 2018

So, after much deliberation and forethought, I have decided to run the following for my first tournament for prep for the Regionals later in the month.

This list is:

Its called the”Firestorm Special” for a reason, I stole it from one of the guys on reddit (Pilot Name: Dan Flewitt).

Its very much a reactive list especially taking into account you are moving last for the most part, which allows you to throw bombs at your opponent then shoot at them – the only time that you wont really be able to pull this off is if you get out PS’d which generally wont be that often (unless you are unlucky). For the most part this list revolves around forward bombing, and getting the harpoons off, and then causing the harpooned condition to trigger. This is done by Ten Nunb and the Mangler cannon which basically guarantees it due to his uncancable crit.

This should generally destroy most ships in a turn, and post things like the ghost at approx half damage (a ghost will cop at least 1 face up damage card due to smart use of proton bombs), and give you a leg up.

In saying that, you need to protect the B wing – in the end, if the B wing dies, so be it, however you should have killed more than 47 points by the time it dies, if you havent, you have probably lost.

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