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Alpha-Class Star Wing in 2.0. October 9, 2018

The Alpha-Class Star wing, is arguably one of the fastest attack craft in the employ of the Imperials or any faction for that matter.

The main power behind the Alpha-Class is the 2 configuration cards:

OS-1 Arsenal Loadout.

XG-1 Assault Configuration.

Both cards, allow the Alpha-Class to perform an attack while having a disarm token. In regard to the Arsenal Load out, you also need a target lock as well.

The next all important upgrade card for the Alpha-Class, is this, the Advanced Slam.

Advanced Slam.

Being able to perform an action, after performing a Slam Action, is a very powerful ability.

As for the actions of the Alpha-Class…

Alpha-Class Star Wing (Nu Squadron Pilot).

The Alpha-Class, has Focus, Target Lock, Slam, and Reload.

Theres two real loadouts for these bad boys which would make sense.

For the Arsenal Loadout, FCS, Proton Torpedoes, Advanced Slam. FCS gives the Alpha-Class the ability to re-roll a dice as necessary.

For the Assault Confiiguration, Ion Cannon, FCS, and Advanced Slam. Unlike the Arsenal loadout, you can spend the target lock (sorry lock!) for re-rolls. However, you are limited to a maximum of 3 attack dice for the attack.

3 of these beasts working in conjunction with Colonel Jendon, could prove to be an incredibly formidable strike force.

The real power behind the Alpha-Class is being able to shoot after performing a slam.

When combined with Colonel Jendon, you perform locks from outside of range, allowing you to generate a focus on your slam manoeuvre.

As some one who likes looking at ranges and math, based on what I have worked out, generally if you start from the back of the board, progress a 2 forward, then use jendons ability to get the Alpha-Class ships to organise a target lock. That way you can perform a focus when moving into close range for shooting. This is where the advanced slam becomes very important.

Welcome to the Alpha-Class.

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X-wing 2.0 – The infinite possibility guri! August 21, 2018

Guri is widely regarded as one of the strongest individual ships in X-wing 2.0, and for good reason, he has maneuverability in spades, has solid damage output, good ability to evade incoming attacks, and a solid set of slots.

Lets look:

His line:

So, a talent slot, system slot, torps, mod and title.

Being able to talk about guri, means you probably should also talk about virago title:

Firstly, it adds a couple things +1 shield, and the ability to spend a charge to perform a red boost action at the end phase. Plus it adds an additional mod slot.

My ideal build for guri would be as follows:

Guri — StarViper 62
Outmaneuver 6
Adv. Proton Torpedoes 6
Shield Upgrade *
Virago 10
Stealth Device *
Ship Total: 100

At first you may think this is a lot of possible stress for maneuvering shenanigans, but in fact its not really.

Especially with such a forgiving dial…

Lots of blue, an only 2 red, those being sloops.

Realistically, Guri wants to be close to his opponent, so the advaned proton torps come in handy here, as does the shield upgrade and stealth device. Anything to improve your staying power will make a big difference.

How is guri to be played? Ideally he is your harasser, support for someone like boba who can smash things pretty well, in saying that also elusive may be a slightly better choice.

Guri may not do well in the first 2 waves, but as we start moving away from swarms he will come into his own for sure.

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X-Wing 2.0 Interesting tidbits May 3, 2018

Ok, so I’ve been doing some trawling through and looking into differences between 1.0 and 2.0 of X-wing.

It looks for the most part rules are fairly similar compared to 1.0, just a few changes to the names of phases – and maybe an additional phase. This is more so to deal with effects that occur at certain points, and try and limit the crap like the attack timing flow chart.

Ship changes seen thus far:

X-wing from 2 shield, 3 hull to 2 shield, 4 hull.
Y-wing from 3 shield, 5 hull, to 2 shield, 6 hull.
U-wing from 4 shield, 4 hull, to 3 shield, 5 hull.

Tie Phantom from 2 shield, 2 hull to 2 shield 3 hull.

I will update this list when we have more info.

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Ship Classes – and the dreaded Half Points dilemma April 11, 2018

Ok X-wing has a small amount of actually differing ship sizes, small base, large base and huge base.

For the purposes of this article I shall be referring to the small and large ships.

The current set of ships in competitive X-wing play can be further described into 2 sub categories: low and high health.

This is where we start having issues. There are large based ships which are more like small ships due to their health, and we have small based ships that behave more like large based ones due to their health (seeing a pattern??).

Two of the prominent small based ships, that are awful close to large ship territory are the K-Wing and Scurrg H-6 Bomber.

The K-wing has 5 Hull and 4 shield, while the Scurrg has 5 & 5 each. The maneuver  dial on the Scurrg aint half bad, and the K-wing has the slam action so it can quickly move about and get back into position within a turn or two, so it doesnt really need fancy sloops or what might have you.

I specifically singled them out due to the fact they are indeed a troublesome two. They are constantly in the top 5 on metawing (as a combo), so they work…very well.

In saying this we have a bunch of large ships that are probably closer to small ships than large ships, like the Aggressor, and even the firespray. The Aggressor only has 8 health (4 & 4, hull and shields respectively), the firespray has 10 (6 & 4).

Currently there seems to be a bit of debate in regards to ideas to balance the game out. One that keeps cropping up from time to time, is the half points for all ships.

Let me be fair, I actually like this one. It makes it harder for your opponent to run away from you (or visa versa), thus making games moire likely to end up in a full win for one or the other, MOV would actually become a little bit tighter too – as all small based ships would actually have an impact if they were down to half health (so less crazy MOV when say, facing an Palp’s aces list and you get half damage on everything but they wipe you completely – this doesnt show how close the game really was – half points on all ships WOULD).

There is some issues with that, bombs would become more powerful for their abilities (mainly dealing undefendable damage). Regeneration also becomes decidedly more powerful (ships that regen would be based on half points at the end of the game based on their ending health).

While this is all well and good, I think the better option would be to deal with it rather than base size, but total hitpoints. At the moment Im erring on the side of caution and going with any ship 8 or above, but that hurts ships like the y-wing and B-wing which to be fair are not the most powerful ships out there, so Im thinking probably 9 or more. This nets the mirandas and nyms and other janky shit, but makes for other ships that could have been impacted not so any more. Ships like the Aggressor would slip under, but its not the most powerful ship at the moment (still solid but far from broken).

I do think this is the best choice at present, sadly it wont happen though but we could dream 🙂

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Targets of Oppertunity – NSW X-Wing Regionals March 23, 2018

Ok, so I’ve done it I’ve put my list in for regionals:

SCUM (100)

Contracted Scout JumpMaster 5000 (25)
Trick Shot + Courier Droid
Contracted Scout JumpMaster 5000 (25)
Trick Shot
Contracted Scout JumpMaster 5000 (25)
Adaptability + Courier Droid
Contracted Scout JumpMaster 5000 (25)
A Score to Settle + Courier Droid

One less courier droid than initially wanting, but eh, cant have it all (besides I wasnt about to blow $78 on 3 phantom II’s, just for courier droid!! lol. I Had to buy Quadjumper as well for “A Score to Settle”.

Ok, so vs the main meta lists I will see:

  • Lothal Fenn w/ Zeb – the common thinking here would be to hunt Fenn, and it is, however, the main thing here is to put some damage on the Lothal first, then after I’ve passed it, hammer Fenn. Once Fenn has been popped, I can go back to lothal hunting. The other key consideration is trying to stay out of the front/aux arc of the Lothal. 5 damage at range 1 with its re-rolls will hurt.
  • Howards Aces – This is actually pretty straight forward, QD, Palp Bus and then Inquisitor. Making sure when I do hit QD, I stick at range 2 so he doesnt get his bonus defense dice. Also staying out of arc would also be a bonus so I dont get revenge shotted. Palp bus is next, then the inquisitor can be chased around. He wont like being tailed and with out emp’s to protect him, he wont be calling evade shots.
  • Asajj + whateves – Usually dengar, but can be other things. Usually one of them will have lone wolf, so use that to my advantage, all 4 ships on one, should get rid of what ever Im targetting, then kill the other one.
  • Nymranda – Have to be careful, avoid the ‘poon alpha, and come from the side, take the TLT on the chin, and just hammer them at range one, while blocking them.
  • Reylow – A nasty jousting list if ever there was one. The way to deal with this is to quickly and as effectively as possible remove low. Kill him quick then try to hammer Rey, while keeping her out of arc for finn and her ability. Easier said then done.
  • 3 & 4 wookies, I’d argue this is going to be the hardest of match ups. Especially with all of them packing 3 attack, and a 180 degree firing arc. The only way to deal with them is to force the bump, and get behind them and shoot while they have minimal defensive bonuses. Lowhie would be first target in the 3 wookie build, he wont be present in the 4 wookie build.

That pretty much sums up what I will need to do to progress to the top 16. I feel confident I can pull it off, it will be hard, with only doing 2 base attack, which makes it difficult to push through damage, however, with the large volume of 2 and 1 agility ships I will be seeing, I believe it will be doable.

My main worries are howard’s aces, 3 & 4 wookies, and nymranda. I feel lothal fenn can be dealt with fairly easily due to the nature of the build.

Oh well, time for sleep!

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Crazy Shit – 4 Jumpmasters – the 20K list March 20, 2018

Ok, so after some serious hum drumming, I’ve finally settled on a list for NSW regionals. Its a bit of a batshit crazy list, but it will allow me a few things I enjoy, craziness, aggressiveness, hilarity, trolling, and did I mention crazy? Oh yeah I did lol.

Contracted Scout — JumpMaster 5000 25
Trick Shot 0
Courier Droid 0
Guidance Chips 0
Ship Total: 25
Contracted Scout — JumpMaster 5000 25
Trick Shot 0
Courier Droid 0
Guidance Chips 0
Ship Total: 25
Contracted Scout — JumpMaster 5000 25
Adaptability 0
Courier Droid 0
Guidance Chips 0
Ship Total: 25
Contracted Scout — JumpMaster 5000 25
A Score to Settle 0
Courier Droid 0
Guidance Chips 0
Ship Total: 25

Ok, 4 Jump masters. Pretty much same config. except for the last 2. The real dilemma is the courier droids (I only have 1), and I need a Quadjumper for the “A Score to Settle”. There is a beauty to this list that is also going to be a pain for a lot of people vs’ing it. It has 36 health over 4 ships, each with 2 agility, and Focus/Target Lock/Barrel Roll for its action bar.

Courier droid is very useful vs most lists as either you will deploy first or second depending on their PS. Generally you wont be forcing the deploy on ACE lists (like palp aces – unless you have the init), but vs a lot of lists the ability to deploy before and after can be quite handy.

‘The “A Score to Settle” should be placed on the ship you need to die first, now a smart player will make that ship harder to deal with, but in saying that, playing it on the right enemy ship can make a world of difference, and force the opponent to play more or less aggressively. This will possibly allow you to focus on something else before the opponent cottons on to what you are doing, and by then it will probably be too late for your opponent.

The other key factor for this list will be asteroid/debris placement. I’d suggest 3 debris fields to be safe, as they are the more likely to be used, and allow you to shoot if stuck on one, and with the green dial on the Jumpmaster its pretty easy to shed stress (and its ability to manoeuvre with its white segnor loop and barrel roll – if not stressed – makes an awesome combination, and gives you plenty of options).

A lot of lists will try and drop or half point you then run, the problem with that is, is simply that you still have 4 large based turreted ships on the field. smart play and careful consideration of your opponents flight capabilities will make this a hard list to deal with.

How to fly? Pretty simple, try and force them into a corner or if they do a manoeuvre they will bump one of your ships. The key to this is understanding the size of the large base (which is a forward 2), meaning unless they are straight on, they will need a 3 manoeuvre at least to pass you, however with careful placement of your other ships you will force them to bump you – thus stopping them from performing actions (which for some lists – ala Palp Aces) is extremely important. Now there is a couple ships that give no fucks, (3 jumpmasters with ion control being one example and Oicunn being another) you should be wary of, but even still, they may still be limited in regards to what they can do and have available to them.

The last thing is you need to really think ahead with this list, being at least 2 turns ahead will pay dividends here, dont be afraid to be a little reactive, but in the most part you want to be the one that does the board control, and with 4 decent health ships, it should be easy enough to do.

I’ll have a stream link up on my page and FB page on saturday, Im really excited for this list and the craziness that will ensue.

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Big Ships March 15, 2018

Big ships (or Large Ships as is the correct terminology according to X-Wing), have been around for quite some time, since the Falcon and the Lambda shuttle we have seen a veritable selection of biggies now for all 3 factions.

You have two camps within the big ships, big ships who behave like little ships, and big ships who well, handle like dogs. We do have a 3rd camp, that is small ships that are more like big ships (K-Wing, Scurrg, Tie Silencer, Starviper come to mind).

Anyways, lets look at the ships that can be flown like small ships:

YT-1300, common builds, FAT HAN or Rey. With the Sloop title, the Falcon becomes an impressively maneuverable ship, especially combined with Kanan making White maneuvers clear stress. Combined with solid abilities from all 3 pilots (Han orig, Han FotR, and Rey). makes it an effective ship, that has been around for quite some time.

The YT-2400, Dash, also benefits from kanan, however, it doesnt have the 2nd k turn at 3, but does have 2 hard 3 turns, so in some regards dash is more maneuverable, but not the full flexibility you can get as the YT-1300 with the sloop title.

The VCX-100, is similar maneuverability to the YT-2400 except it has red hard turns on 1 and 3 speeds, and has a K-turn at 5 speed.

As for the Imperial side of things, we have the VT-49 Decimator which is pretty quick, it doesnt have any K-turns, but it does have white 2 and 3 hard turns. So it is relatively quite nimble.

The Scum and Imperial firespray is very maneuverable, for the simple addition of the 2 K-turns at 3 & 4 speeds, making it similar to the yt-1300.

The scum big ships in general are all very maneuverable, from the lithe and nimble Aggressor, to the large but insanely fast Lancer, the Jump master sits in the middle with greens on one side, and a white left sloop, means it is very capable of extricating itself from problem situations. Finally the Lancer, with its Green hard 3 turns is phenomenal in removing garnered stress while being difficult to pin down.

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Test game Lowrey vs Asajj-em March 13, 2018


Rey — YT-1300 45
Expertise 4
Kanan Jarrus 3
Finn 5
Engine Upgrade 4
Millennium Falcon (TFA) 1
Ship Total: 62
Lowhhrick — Auzituck Gunship 28
Expertise 4
Tactician 2
C-3PO 3
Ship Total: 37


Emon Azzameen — Firespray-31 36
Ion Cannon 3
Bomblet Generator 3
Cad Bane 2
Cruise Missiles 3
Glitterstim 2
Extra Munitions 2
Engine Upgrade 4
Slave I 0
Ship Total: 55
Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 37
Lone Wolf 2
Latts Razzi 2
Glitterstim 2
Glitterstim 2
Ship Total: 45

basically rey and low stuck together looking at jousting Emon, Asajj was on the far corner.

The initial attacks didnt do much to the fire spray but it did drop all the shields on the Auzituck (some bad luck – shouldnt have guessed 1 lol).

The fire spray came closer and so did rey and low, low forgot to shoot, and rey did 5 damage (finn and expertise) to emon the following round. Asajj was still playing up near the deployment zone, but was slowly getting to the fight.

The next turn the two rebel ships bumped which totally put them out of whack. Emon was able to capitlise with another 3 damage to the auzituck (again I guessed 1, when I shouldnt have). Asajj was getting closer.

The following turn caused the auzituck to be out of arc (again), but rey got a shot off and dropped some more shield off emon. However this wasnt with out being hit by a bomblet from emon using his 3 hard to smash both of them and using cad banes re-rolls.

Asajj finally got into the rey and started peppering the auzituck or the falcon which ever was easier, constantly being in range 2 made it hard for rey to use expertise again.

eventually emon was down to one hull left as was the auzituck, asajj was full health, and rey was shield less.

The maneuvering of emon meant the following turn he was going to be off the board. but he dropped a bomblet right into the faces of both rey and low, low bit the dust, while rey copped more damage.

Asajj was able to control the game from there, however, it wasnt all her way, she was down to half points as well, by the time she got rey.

Over all, both lists are quite solid IMHO, and it is hard to sort of find a hole to add something and drop something. I think tactician could probably be removed and add in inspiring recruit for extra stress removal.

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The Art of the Maneuver…and how your minds eye can help you win games. March 11, 2018

X-wing is mixture of skill, determination, and luck. Not always in equal parts.

The art of flying is a fundamental skill to develop, and some players have a better capacity to “fly” than others.

I’ve been practicing using small and large ships and getting to know the templates and the base sizes. A good link for the dimensions of EVERYTHING in X-wing is here:

There is a couple of take aways but first lets start with the forward maneuvers:

Straight Templates

  • 1 Straight Length – 40mm
  • 2 Straight Length – 80mm
  • 3 Straight Length – 120mm
  • 4 Straight Length – 160mm
  • 5 Straight Length – 200mm

So each template for a straight is 40mm bigger than the previous, but this is also interesting because:

Range Ruler Template

  • Range 1 Length – 100mm
  • Full Range Ruler Template Length – 300mm

Each range band is 100mm in length. So the first thing we can already deduce is that a straight 5 is the same length as the range 3 delimiter (so it is range 2 in length).

The next thing we should note is the size of the bases of small and large ships:

Small Base

  • Small Base Length – 40mm
  • Small Base Width – 40mm

Large Base

  • Large Base Length – 80mm
  • Large Base Width – 80mm

So the bases are exactly square, which is handy to know. Now this allows us to do a bit of math to do some range calculations in our head.

Say you use Trajectory sim, and want to avoid the bomb you just launched, how could you do it? In a small ship, if you move a 1 length, you would be 80mm away from your starting position, and based on math, at most 120mm from the bomb you just launched. In theory you should be outside of range 1 of the bomb.

What if you are a big ship? Flat out of luck there. 40mm + 80mm = 120mm = being within range 2 of your original position, and being within range one of the bomb. Ugh!

Now this doesnt take into account curves. That is a more trickier proposition. But we know the width of the templates is 20mm, so for small ships we have 10mm difference either side, while for large ships we have 30mm diff either side.

A good break down of visual aids for maneuvering is here:

The key thing is, if you can visualise in your minds eye, your movement templates, you will have a better idea of where you will end up. Having your maneuver templates laid out in front of you makes a BIG difference, and also makes it harder for your opponent to guess what one you will choose.

Understanding where you will end up is key for dropping bombs, and being in arc of your opponent or not.

Being able to visualise is a massive advantage, and will help you guide your ships to success.

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First Tourny On Saturday for X-Wing March 2, 2018

So, after much deliberation and forethought, I have decided to run the following for my first tournament for prep for the Regionals later in the month.

This list is:

Its called the”Firestorm Special” for a reason, I stole it from one of the guys on reddit (Pilot Name: Dan Flewitt).

Its very much a reactive list especially taking into account you are moving last for the most part, which allows you to throw bombs at your opponent then shoot at them – the only time that you wont really be able to pull this off is if you get out PS’d which generally wont be that often (unless you are unlucky). For the most part this list revolves around forward bombing, and getting the harpoons off, and then causing the harpooned condition to trigger. This is done by Ten Nunb and the Mangler cannon which basically guarantees it due to his uncancable crit.

This should generally destroy most ships in a turn, and post things like the ghost at approx half damage (a ghost will cop at least 1 face up damage card due to smart use of proton bombs), and give you a leg up.

In saying that, you need to protect the B wing – in the end, if the B wing dies, so be it, however you should have killed more than 47 points by the time it dies, if you havent, you have probably lost.

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