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X-Wing funsies February 18, 2018

Ok, so I’ve gotten back into X-Wing.

Its a lot of fun, and easy to play – not to mention no painting required lol.

Had a couple games now. First proper game against a decent opponent (sorry Chris), I got my arse whooped. I think every turn I had one of the two ships on a fucking asteroid. Playing big ships and getting used to the templates again and judging distances was a bad idea, especially ghost and dash.

That game was vs Howards aces list (Palp bus, quickdraw and the inquisitor).

Next game was vs 3 scurrg bombers with harpoons. No landing on rocks this time, and actually managed to down 2 of the bombers, dash was star performer with the ghost getting hammered. In the end the guys remaining scurrg finished off mr Dash, but it was a far better showing than the first game.

Getting a better over view with big ships. however, my next set ups will be based on smaller ships.

Looking at one of two options:

This uses the Tie striker as bait, do you try and kill it or do you go for the inquisitor? The Academy pilot is a diversion also allows for some blocking.

The second list is a heavier hitter, that once again gives no fucks about stress:

Each fighter can ignore or use stress in one way or another. Farlander can spend stress to turn eyeballs into hits, Tycho doesnt give two fucks about stress as he can keep taking stress till the cows come home. The only thing it prevents is red maneuvers, and that isnt that big of a deal. Finally Stramm he can remove up to 2 stress a turn with his ability and is a solid blocker, and has good fire power.

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Mekwars Planet Data Script October 19, 2017

Ok kids, I’ve managed to work out a way to script up a map for Mekwars.

There is still some work to do (factories and terrain), but I feel most of that should be manually entered anyways. (Thats not to say I WONT be attempting to correctly put them in, its just a low priority now.

The script is written in Node JS ( You will need a module called xmlbuilder (

Basically the syntax is: node generatemap.js mapfile.csv > planets.xml

Please see the attached map.csv to see how it works.

generatemap map


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Nikon vs Canon August 30, 2017

Ok, its really not about nikon vs canon but actually about where both companies are making awesome strides…

First lets talk about the elephant in the room – Sony.

Sony’s mirrorless full frame cameras are very impressive, except the only thing that really hurts them is their autofocus capability. Its no where near that of Canon nor Nikons.

IQ is up there however and if you are doing video, the A7S II is arguably one of the best video/still hybrids there is…autofocus not-with-standing.

The other thing that hurts Sony is lack of lenses.

Anyways, at the moment Nikon and Canon are making massive strides in different fields, and in some cases overlapping.

One of the awesome things about Canons EF lens mount is that you can get a couple F1.2 lenses (there is even a 50mm F1.0), where as Nikon has 1 F1.2 lens, and that is a manual focus 50mm.

Another thing with Canon is the fact that canon seems to be hitting strides with their lens design (and except for a couple of exceptions from Nikon), the Canon glass line up is over all a better proposition. The Nikon glass that owns it over the Canon counter parts? The 70-200 F2.8E VR, the 300mm F4 PF VR, and the crazy 105mm F1.4 (also for the budget conscious, the new Nikon AF-P 70-300 F4-5.6 appears to be excellent as well).

Bodies at the moment seems to be Nikons court. The D500 and D5 predominantly are some of the best action still cameras there are with that autofocus is just unbeatable.

And now with the release of the Nikon D850 which has that awesome autofocus, and a 45.7MP sensor, with 7FPS (9FPS with grip and D5 battery) is going to replace a LOT of D5s and D810s.

Im not going to go over everything on the D850, there is plenty of places that do that already. This is the body that does it all, and there is NOTHING that matches it for the price point. Period (at least when it comes to numbers – when actual reviews happen that will give us a better picture so to speak).

If nikon could create the bodies and canon the lenses we would have a match made in heaven….


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Warzone Central Coast II August 29, 2017

Based on the previous event. I couldn’t suggest going to this event.

I had difficulties with several players who tried to milk the games but I prevented them from doing so.

Just be careful if you are attending and playing.

Regards – H

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8th Ed…Im coming for ya…or maybe not. August 28, 2017

Ok, so I’ve kept a rather low profile since 8th come out, and there has been a few reasons for that, mostly its time – Im a father of 2, I dont have much time for anything lol. I enjoy (some times lol) spending time with the kids and wifey. So that limits my time to building and painting.

But anyways, the other reason is something I’ve held close to the chest for the past couple months, Dark Angels.

DA Allow for a hilariously effective defensive build that combined with appropriate supporting units is a right royal pain for most armies to deal with.

With out further ado, here is a list I think would be a real annoyance to deal with. (Was going to be going to a certain tourny but due to some stupidty Im not. Cest le vie).

DA Dread spam and fire power – Battalion Detachment
HQ: 299
Azrael 180

Techmarine w/ Bolt Pistol, power axe and Servo Arm 62

Techmarine w/ Bolt Pistol, chainsword and Servo Arm 57

Elites: 659
Redemptor Dreadnought w/ Heavy Onslaught Gatling cannon, Onslaught Gatling cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod and 2 Stormbolters 202

Redemptor Dreadnought w/ Heavy Onslaught Gatling cannon, Onslaught Gatling cannon, Icarus Rocket Pod and 2 Stormbolters 202

5 Deathwing Terminators w/ TH/SS 255

Troops: 235
5 Scout Marines w/ 5 Bolt Pistols and close combat weapons 55

5 Scout Marines w/ 5 Sniper Rifles and 5 Camo Cloaks 90

5 Scout Marines w/ 5 Sniper Rifles and 5 Camo Cloaks 90

Fast Attack: 426
Ravenwing Darkshroud w/ Heavy Bolter 138

Ravenwing Darkshroud w/ Heavy Bolter 138

3 Ravenwing Black Knights 150

Heavy Support: 378
Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought w/ 2x Twin lascannon 206

Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought w/ 2x Twin autocannon 172

This list is a progression on a list I had since early on of 8th. I had in place of the redemptors a couple of regular dreads, but the redemptors offer more flexibility with weapon load outs and anti infantry tools.

There is a large amount of redundancy with this list and some would say it would actually be better if I dropped one of the dark shrouds for some more troops (and that IS a possibility), but over all I like the redundancy provided by the dual redemptors, techies and contemptors.

Ideally I would use the scout snipers to remove enemy characters and deal with problems as the game progresses. Azrael gets surrounded by the dreads and techmairnes as well as the 2 darkshrouds. The black knights and terminators will hide and deep strike respectively. The CCW scout squad will start as close to a weak enemy unit as possible, while the sniper squads will set up in advantageous positions.

As I said this list was planned quite a while ago, and only changed with the redemptors being usable by dark angels. Its an offensively defensive list, that can handle both spam lists and elite lists through sheer firepower and close combat potential.

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8th ED Shitty Spammy Shit. August 25, 2017

Ranty mcranty time.

Ok, by now we’ve seen stupid shit like the following:

116PL / 1999pts
17 Units
8 Command Points
Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment
Roboute Guilliman: 18 PL, 360pts
Warlord trait: Tenacious Fighter

Vanguard Detachment
Lord Kaldor Draigo: 12 PL, 240pts
-Psy Power: Smite, Gate of infinity, Hammerhand

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor in Terminator armor: 7 PL, 105pts
-Psyker, force sword, storm bolter Psy Power: Terrify, smite

Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Culexus Assassin: 5 PL, 85pts
Callidus Assassin: 5 PL, 80pts

Vanguard Detachment
Celestine: 11PL, 200pts
-1x Geminae Superia

Ultramarine Librarian: 6 PL, 105pts
-Force sword, bolt pistol, Psy Power: Smite, Null Zone, Veil of Time

Eversor Assassin: 4 PL, 70pts
Eversor Assassin: 4 PL, 70pts
Eversor Assassin: 4 PL, 70pts

Vindicare Assassin: 5 PL, 90pts
Vindicare Assassin: 5 PL, 90pts

Retributor Squad: 10 PL, 94pts
– +1 retributor, x4 Heavy bolters

We’ve seen the Stormraven Spam, Horror Smite Spam, stupid shit continues unfortunately.

We will see another faq which will make Assassin’s unique again, thats for sure, the above list is just putridly pathetic. Sorry but stupid shit like the above list is just down right lame.

Already we’ve seen Horror spam get nerfed (performing the powers on 1D6 vs 2, and an increase in the cost of brims – brims are still fucking hectic though), and Stormraven spam get a solid nerf with making a person auto lose if they only have flyers left on the board.

Expect another faq soon mitigating this nonsense.

I have to give credit where credit is due to GW, they’ve done a good job at nipping bullshit like this in the bud pretty quickly.

Anyways, I’ve settled on a silly list and have started piecing it all together.

More on that as it happens.

Oh and sorry for the delay in updates. Been a but overwhelmed.



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Big data and example use. July 11, 2017

Ok, something came to me while playing with Hadoop, and Cloudera.

Mobile phone networks.

How do they track your details on what tower you are on?

This is an example of how they could do it using big data and Hadoop.

Firstly Hadoop is a distributed file system, that breaks each file up into chunks over multiple “nodes” (basically cheap servers with lots of storage).

Its basically a EXT file system used by linux.

In this case, how it could track your mobile from tower to tower would be quite simple.


We’d start off with a directory /Australia

Under that we’d have the states, in this case we’ll use NSW. (/Australia/NSW)

Each state would be divided up into territories to simplify the amount of towers in each territory (we’ll call them nodes). (/Australia/NSW/Node1 – in this case Node one is say Macquarie Park.).

Then under that we’d have each tower in that node. So we’ll say we are on Tower 1 in Node 1. (/Australia/NSW/Node1/Tower1).

Now, generally speaking the user data would be quite anonymous, it wouldnt be easy to tie the data to a particular owner – it would be possible but not necessarily easy (mainly due to the privacy act). Now at this point the user could be a file, or they could be their own directory, containing their imsi, mobile number, sim card number, and signal strength. Now generally speaking an Imsi and Sim card are assigned to a single user and can be used to easily find the owner, but unless you have access to the database of users, its almost impossible. (/Australia/NSW/Node1/Tower1/IMSI#)

Now why would this be useful (aside from billing purposes)? Say there was a state of emergency called in a particular area, the mobile company could quickly run a script and send an alert to all the customers in that particular node/tower. It would be quick and easy. Pulling live data from a tower is a fraction harder for various reasons I wont go into here.

Anyways, thats enough from me now. Cya’s

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Hadoop – Permission denied when putting files in the cluster July 10, 2017

If you get the following error:

[root@hadoop2 ~]# hadoop fs -mkdir /user/root
mkdir: Permission denied: user=root, access=WRITE, inode=”/user”:hdfs:supergroup:drwxr-xr-x

There is a trick to fixing it:

From the terminal enter the following:

sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -mkdir /user/root
sudo -u hdfs hadoop fs -chown root /user/root

Basically the file system is under hdfs ownership and as root you cannot put any files to it (you get the above error). To correct it you need to use sudo -u to change the user you are running the command as, in this case we are running it as hdfs, thus we can create the directory, and then we change the owner of the newly created directory to that of root.

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Cloudera Install.

Ok, so I’ve been playing with Cloudera for Hadoop. Tried the quick start but it has some issues which I havent been able to clear through. However did a manual install of a mini cluster using: &

One thing that came up as a problem was being able to access the cloudera manager web interface. I could ‘curl’ the http://localhost:7180 and I could see the HTML, however from the other nodes, I couldnt see the main node either (nor could I see the other nodes).

Im mainly a Ubuntu dude, and havent had much exposure to other distros.

Looks like iptables which is something that a lot of cloudera tutorials talk about stopping dont really exist on cloudera 7.

So what firewall is stopping my shit.


So after a quick “systemctl disable firewalld” & “systemctl stop firewalld” on all nodes, access was possible.

Also: edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX (or -ens for virtual adapters under VMware) with NM_CONTROLLED=no then update /etc/resolv.conf with nameserver x.x.x.x 

Hope that helps some body else.

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Welcome Back! July 9, 2017

Here we go folks!

We are back. Thanks for sticking with me. Content will be added regularly. And I will be focusing on F1, 40k, Photography and IT (Networking and shit).


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